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Fast Leader Show | Customer Experience Leadership

Not just far, one of the most insightful, thorough and thought-provoking podcasts. Huge variety of guests ranging from authors, speakers, doctors, academics and professionals all sharing personal stories that will improve your customer experience, employee experience, contact center, customer service and being more human-centric at work...and home. Well worth your time!

Sep 9, 2020

After the IBM Watson team won the Jeopardy challenge, Neil Sahota was fighting for the ecosystem model to try to open up the platform. A lot of the people was trying to engage the tech people, but Neil was trying to target the businesspeople. According to Neil, the businesspeople understood the problems more, they were on the ground, and if they were trying to build solutions, they were the people that need to be at the table with the technologists. Neil initially lost that fight, but he never gave up.


Neil convinced them that if they had five of the best technologists in the world then they would be thinking about self-driving cars and missions to Mars, but if they had five of the best doctors in the world then they would be thinking about curing cancer. What if they were to put them together?


During that epiphany moment, people realized the amazing impact that technology can bring across every sector if they were to join together business and technology. This amalgam between business and technology became one of Neil's biggest humps that he was able to overcome.