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Fast Leader Show | Customer Experience Leadership

Not just far, one of the most insightful, thorough and thought-provoking podcasts. Huge variety of guests ranging from authors, speakers, doctors, academics and professionals all sharing personal stories that will improve your customer experience, employee experience, contact center, customer service and being more human-centric at work...and home. Well worth your time!

May 27, 2020

Kevin Vallely was travelling with his family at the McKenzie River, when a lone wolf suddenly approached their tent. Surprised and afraid, Kevin fired shots at the wolf to make it go away. After a few shots, the wolf did go away, leaving his family unscathed. The surprise encounter with the wolf left them a...

May 20, 2020

About 5 years ago, Karin Hurt had everything in her life crash all at the same time. Karin had just left her executive role at Verizon to start her own company. In trying to run her startup, Karin invested a lot of money into it but did not really get the clients or returns she needed. There was a massive learning...

May 13, 2020

Patrick Schwerdtfeger has made plenty of mistakes in his life, and a majority of those mistakes happened because he tried plenty of different things in his life. Yet, despite his many failures, Patrick never stopped and continued coming back. Patrick learned that if you truly want to be successful in business and life...

May 6, 2020

Doug Conant was recruited to work as the General Manager for a division in RJR Nabisco. After a rough first meeting with the chairman, Lou Gerstner, which turned out to be a test, Doug discovered how important it is to have the courage of your convictions and with all humility just stand up and be counted.