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Fast Leader Show | Customer Experience Leadership

Not just far, one of the most insightful, thorough and thought-provoking podcasts. Huge variety of guests ranging from authors, speakers, doctors, academics and professionals all sharing personal stories that will improve your customer experience, employee experience, contact center, customer service and being more human-centric at work...and home. Well worth your time!

Jan 29, 2020

Emilia DiMenco is making a bigger impact in smaller ways. After completing a 30-year career as an executive vice president for a large commercial bank, she now serves the capital, loans, programs, and services that support and accelerate women's business ownership and their impact on the economy.

Jan 22, 2020

Stan Silverman learned so much working for his tyrant, more so had he not worked for him. Luckily for others, Stan persevered this experience. Eventually, he was promoted above his tyrant, and within three weeks of his promotion, he had cause and terminated him.

Jan 15, 2020

Rishad Tobaccowala stepped back from the brink of data overload by developing practical tools and frameworks that assisted his organization to properly put data in its place. He now teaches others to combine their emotional intelligence with their data intelligence and to focus beyond the short-term tendencies that many...

Jan 8, 2020

Susan Fowler shares new research on the science of motivation. When she shared these findings with the CEO of one of the world’s largest financial institutions and John Calipari, University of Kentucky Men's Basketball Coach, they immediately changed how they led their people.

Jan 1, 2020

David McCourt was with two other Irishmen in a bar. But there was no joking around when he began whining about not getting paid for some contracting work his company did. His friends told him to stop whining and to go do something. David has spent the rest of his life doing a lot and is now pushing people to blow up...