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Fast Leader Show | Customer Experience Leadership

Not just far, one of the most insightful, thorough and thought-provoking podcasts. Huge variety of guests ranging from authors, speakers, doctors, academics and professionals all sharing personal stories that will improve your customer experience, employee experience, contact center, customer service and being more human-centric at work...and home. Well worth your time!

Jan 31, 2018

Darrin Poole was challenged as a leader. He had to engineer a mindset shift. He suspended the normal drills and implemented a game changing tactic that dramatically changed their performance and helped everyone get over the hump.

Jan 24, 2018

Andy Swann was at a barbeque when he congratulated a guy who said he was at his job for 10 years. The man said he hated it. Andy realized he was that man and decided to make a resolution to do something about it. Now, Andy helps people to be rescued from the same fate.

Jan 17, 2018

Kimberly Davis had an anxiety attack. Days before she was to give a TEDx talk about being brave she lost her brave. She began to fear the spotlight, failing to connect to her audience and missing out on capturing her opportunity. But Kimberly knew what do to squash her own anxiety. She retrieved her brave.

Jan 10, 2018

Peter Lisoskie bet his job on a new idea. After numerous failures, Peter finally obtained 7 patents for his effort. Since then, Peter has focused his innovation on artificial intelligence and emotionally connected user interfaces to create interactive conversational brand experiences to shape customer experiences...

Jan 3, 2018

Kumar Mehta experienced a culture shock. After working for Microsoft for many years, he became the CEO of Blue Ocean Market Intelligence. The same people that used to respond to his emails and phone calls when he was at Microsoft, now would not talk to him. His calls and request became less important without...