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Fast Leader Show | Customer Experience Leadership

Not just far, one of the most insightful, thorough and thought-provoking podcasts. Huge variety of guests ranging from authors, speakers, doctors, academics and professionals all sharing personal stories that will improve your customer experience, employee experience, contact center, customer service and being more human-centric at work...and home. Well worth your time!

Feb 2, 2022

Change is the only thing constant in the world. No matter what you do, change is inevitable. It can happen externally – out of your control – but it can also happen internally – within your control. But no matter what form change may take place, the question is, what are you going to do about it? Will you remain stagnant or will you take the opportunity to allow change to make you better? Remember, progress is optional.

With the change brought about by the pandemic, the majority of people have been forced into working at home. While working at home offered a solution to allow employees to work despite the lockdown, it has also brought about problems regarding work-life balance, or what Mark puts it, work-life blending.

The problem with working at home is that the line between work and home is often blurred. It has caused problems with remote workers and the majority has not found a solution for it. No boundaries have been set and oftentimes employees end up overworking and hurting their work life and home life. So, how do we deal with this problem? How do we create a healthy work-life balance without the lies and secrets of today?

In this episode, Mark Briggs share about the butterfly impact and how one small positive change you make internally can have a massive ripple effect externally. Similar to the butterfly effect, the butterfly impact is all about minor internal changes causing external significant results. The butterfly effect is about allowing you to achieve the work-life balance you are looking for, thereby allowing you to thrive and flourish in your personal life and excel in your professional life. Listen in as Mark shows you how.